About BLAE (Thomas Stevens)

Australian artist, designer and communications expert

BLAE is an emerging Australian artist who captures the totality of human expression, through blending realism with abstraction. Blae’s highly expressive oil and acrylic paintings are evocative, bringing everyday subjects to life. As deliberate brushstrokes and intense bursts of colour shift and dart in multiple directions, these figures confront the tension and contradictions between shifting realities and identities. The subjects in these portraits confront the viewer directly, often with a piercing gaze that unflinchingly sustains eye contact. The intense intimacy of Blae’s work is intended to provoke the viewer to ask – what is truth? This simple, complex and daring question is of great significance in a post-truth world. Thus, Blae’s portraiture provokes questions and transmits the thickness of human experience, memory and emotion. He delves into the detail of everyday life, with each brushstroke illuminating the texture and complexity of human experience.

I have broad experience within the Communications and Design industry. Through this I have developed a well crafted approach to take a project from concept to completion. Within the last few years my work has focused on Social Marketing, working on a number of public health campaigns and enabling organisations to communicate more effectively. Through my experience I have developed extensive knowledge & skills including creative direction, graphic design, web development/SEO, digital media production, communications, marketing and video production. In my down-time I am an aspiring fine artist.