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Being a modern day artist means your going to need a modern art logo. Luckily it’s also easier than ever to create one. No longer do you need to understand the latest design software, in fact you can do it all online and better yet, for free.

Effective branding is integral to the success of an artist. Creating an appealing image that builds trust and resonates with your target audience will greatly increase your perceived value. Through experience I’ve learned however it’s often better to keep it simple and not over think it.

1. Get some inspiration

Often to best place to start in choosing a logo is to see what others have done. Below is a list of my go to places for some inspirations when I need it.


Behance is an amazing resource. Creatives from around the world upload their latest creations. Do a search for logo’s and your will be inundated with inspiration.

Visit Behance


Similar to Behance, Deviantart is the largest online creative community. If your looking for inspiration, there is a lot to be found here.

Visit Deviantart


Pinterest is an amazing place to find inspiration and is often a great place to start.

Visit Pinterest

2. A tip when choosing a design

It’s important that your art logo fit’s your brand. As an artist we all have a personal brand that is closely linked to our art style and intention. If your logo doesn’t reflect your art style and personality it could confuse your audience. Also, if in doubt, keep it simple. A simple logo is almost always better than overthinking it and adding unneeded complexity to it. A great idea is to ask people in your target market what they think of your logo. 

3. Make Your Logo

No longer do you need to understand design software. You can now create your art logo online and better yet, for free. I’ve listed my two favourite logo makers below, but there are heaps online.

Canva Logo Maker

Canva has a great logo maker that is easy to use and has plenty of options.

Visit Canva Logo Maker

Adobe Spark Logo Maker

Spark is Adobe’s version of Canva. It’s their newish online tool for simple and easy design.

Visit Adobe Spark Logo Maker