Tilt Brush: Technological Evolution for Painters

VR Art

The world is going through a technological shifts, with many different avenues of common life being overhauled or revolutionised by technological advancements. Fine-arts is also facing this technological evolution. However, for the most part, people have been hesitant about the changes and adopting new technologies.

Digital tools have offered art a new life and made it immensely diversified, offering immense control to people. While many artists have adopted and praised digital tools, some are still very hesitant over the concept of introducing virtual reality to art. With tools such as Google Tilt Brush, the idea of creating art in different virtual planes now exists. Yet, many artists are not ready to accept this new piece of technology.

Using Tilt Brush and VR as an Artist

Art is all about crossing boundaries and permeating the conscious of people. It is all about creating inspiring, alluring, and engaging pieces that can dazzle with their beauty and originality. This is why the concept of art not evolving is something that should be rejected in its entirety. Art has to evolve and encompass new technologies and techniques for it to stay fresh, and the most relevant piece of technology today is virtual reality by quite a mile.

Google Tilt Brush offers spectacular features that allow artists to expand and push their boundaries, helping them come up with new and interesting ways to draw. Through VR Art, painters and artists are able to capture humanistic expressions, behavior, and sensibilities on a plane that is impossible for traditional art. It’s an entirely new medium that expands on existing traditions and enhances them.

Hence, what tools like the Tilt Brush and other VR art software provide is a medium for artists and painters to explore. It’s the next step in art; an amalgamation of current technological boom and the traditional art that has please and engaged people for centuries. Therefore, Google Brush is something that artists need to explore. It’s easy and simple to use, has a number of features, and offers great support for painters.

As an artist I am wanting to push the boundaries of what art can do using the Tilt Brush. Aa a traditional painter, I’m now experimenting with Google Brush and turning up virtual reality paintings that aim to take a look at human beings from a new angle. 

Virtual reality art and painting make for fantastic pieces that represent an evolution in traditional art. With Tilt Brush, anyone can become a part of it and create exquisite works of art while furthering their knowledge and skills.