VR Art

VR Paintings by BLAE

A few years ago, artists could merely imagine a world where artists would constantly alter the surroundings with virtual reality. I aim to bring that vision into the real world via the use of highly imaginative & cutting edge VR paintings.

Tilt Brush Artworks by BLAE

I also want us to begin to re-imagine the relationship between emerging digital technologies, traditional artistic mediums and what it means to be immersed in and artwork. Painting is a traditional artistic medium which has been given a true reinvention of the form with the coming wave of virtual reality technology. Many artists, including myself, have been making use of Tilt Brush, a virtual reality painting tool that helps create 3-D art with colours, sound, and light motion. This results in an impressive gallery experience that the audience can thoroughly enjoy.

BLAE specializes in VR painting and VR art. VR art aims to capture the totality of human expressions by blending realism with abstraction. It also makes use of expressive colours as it tries to bring everyday subjects to life through the VR paintings. The artworks provoke questions, while also transmitting the thickness of human experience, emotion, and memory.

You can find more of my artworks on my Google Poly